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Welcome to the home page of Dogs Make Over website. 

A site created and dedicated to dog lovers by dog lovers. Our aim is to provide the best grooming services for your beloved pet. If you are interested in dog grooming services we hope that you will find this website helpful. We all know that grooming plays an important part of a dog's healthy life and wellbeing. It is important to groom them regularly. We groom all breeds from the smallest such as Chihuahua to giant breeds such as Great Dane.


My name is Piotr and I am City and Guilds qualified dog groomer. I am also a qualified microchip implanter registered with PetLog. Growing up on a farm I was always passionate about animals especially dogs and cats and as long as I can remember we have had German Shepherds and Pomeranians as part of our family.
My first experience with dog grooming began years ago when my dog Lennox needed his first hair cut, I bought some clippers and was pleasantly surprised with the result and the satisfaction it gave me, from then on he had his own private groomer on call. I find dog grooming very fulfilling and love the challenge of creating something in an art form which makes the dog feel comfortable and the owner proud of their pet. I have also write articles on dog grooming.
Before setting up the salon I worked in Dorset for late Babette Cole who was an author and illustrator of children's picture books and real animal lover. Her farm house was full of dogs namely Norfolk and Norwich terriers and not forgetting the Deerhounds. 
We have five Pembroke Corgis, Bozka, Tula, Patsi, Wicket and not forgetting Maia Lucia who is the latest addition to the family.